First and foremost, welcome to my blog! 

I'm Gemma, if you hadn't already guessed by my blog's name, but I tend to go by Gem.
Creative blog name, right?

I'm currently twenty and I'm born and bred in Essex, but presently living in Nottingham. Right now, I'm in my first year at University studying Fashion Communication and Promotion. 

The things that bring me joy in life are; chocolate, pizza, puppies, makeup and binge watching gossip girl, xoxo. So, basically your guilty girly girl couch potato, literally. I almost feel like I'm back in year seven writing my Bebo description box (if you're reading this then I really hope you get this Bebo reference otherwise, here I am making a fool out of myself, yet again, as per).
But feel free to share the love - see what I did there?

I've created this blog as a hobby for fun and something for me to do in my free time, aka an opportunity to procrastinate from everything I should currently be doing. From beauty products, to fashion, to lifestyle. I intend to blog about everything to anything I feel passionate about, whether this be topics related to my course, to travelling or health. I also hope that in some way I can help others, whether this be by a review or with regards to health, as I also suffer with M.E.

So, that's me. 

I hope you enjoy reading my little blog and having a scroll. If you'd like to contact me regarding personal matters, PR or business then feel free to get in touch via email; itsgemmab@outlook.com  and all of my social links can be found in my side bar. Or, if you'd wish to leave me a comment then feel free!