Dr PawPaw Original Balm Review

The Dr PawPaw original balm is a multi-purpose soothing balm with natural pawpaw, aimed to be used for lips, skin, hair, beauty finishing, cuticles and nails, whilst being fragrance-free.

I had seen this bright yellow tube splashed about everywhere with everyone raving about it, so when Dr PawPaw kindly offered to send me over my own tube to try out, I was majorly excited to give it a go!

Dr PawPaw Original Balm Review

Dr Paw Paw balm provides relief for dry, irritated skin, moisturises lips, nails and cuticles. soothes dry cracked skin such as hands, heels and elbows. Use for adding finishing touches to hair and smoothing brows. Helps with insect bites and minor abrasions.

Ingredients: Petrolatum, Olea Europaea (olive), fruit oil, Carica papaya fruit extract, aloe barbadensis leaf juice

When I first tried to use it and squeeze the product from the tube, I was surprised at how thick the consistency is. However, the formula of the balm is super soft and as soon as you apply it, it instantly melts down, applying like a dream and absorbing without any greasy residue. I've never tried a balm with a thick consistency like this before, but, this is great because it means the thicker the product, the less amount of product you're using which aka means the further it goes, so you're getting more product, yay!

I can't comment on any magical results its made on my lips as I don't suffer from dry or chapped lips, however, I've still been loving using it as it's so hydrating without being gloopy, which I've found to be a problem with so many other balms with similar constituencies. Despite not having dry lips or hands, this doesn't stop me from being a lip balm and hand cream addict to the point I cannot leave the house without some form of lip balm and hand cream, so the fact this is a multi purpose balm is brilliant for me! I've tried to play around with this to see just how multi purpose it actually is and I've also been loving using this on my eyebrows and hair! When doing my makeup, I've applied a tiny amount to my eyebrows and I've found that it's really kept them in place! You do have to use a tiny tiny amount as I found that out the hard way with wet looking eyebrows, not a good look. I've also found this to be a great product at fixing fly away's in my hair! I have a fair bit of baby hair still that always loves to stick up and the Dr PawPaw balm really does do a great job at taming them and keeping them down! I've also applied a tiny amount to the ends of my hair when I've curled it, and it does an exceptionally good job at making the ends smooth and helping my hair look more healthy.

In terms of packaging, I really like the design as the bright yellow colour means it's super easy to find in your handbag! Overall, I'm really impressed with this and the balm has quickly become an essential to me as it's really proving to be a do-it-all wonder whilst being jam packed with essential vitamins. If you're looking for a one problem product or a multi-purpose, this is your guy. 

The Dr PawPaw Original Balm is priced at £6.95 for a 25ml tube, so for doing all that it does, it really is worth it! It's available from the Dr PawPaw website, Superdrug, and Look Fantastic and it's also available in a mini size and tinted shades.


** Disclaimer; the product was kindly gifted to me as a PR sample, however, all opinions are 100% honest and are my own.

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