Three Favourites From Nip + Fab

Three Favourites From Nip + Fab

Now, I'm a sucker when it comes to skincare products as I'm always wanting to try new products, hoping they'll be miracle workers. I recently discovered Nip + Fab as a skincare brand, they have a huge range of skincare products which address different skin concerns and I thought I would write about three of my favourite Nip + Fab products. 

Nip + Fab - Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Shot 
Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Shot review

First off, let's talk about the packaging of this one as it's probably my favorite. I love the glass coral bottle paired with the silver lid as this gives the product a more luxurious feel. It consists of a dropper which is super easy for application, especially in terms of getting the right amount of product. It claims to be an intense moisture concentrate which works deeply to hydrate thirsty and dry skin for a plumper finish. The term "Dragon's Blood" is actually sap found in Croton Lechleri Tree in the Amazon which works to protect and heal the skin. It also includes Hyaluronic Acid which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Now, that was educational. I've never tried a serum like this before as it's more on the watery, gel like consistency side. You're advised to use this two ways by either; mixing one or two drops in with your normal day/night moisturiser or to simply apply it to your skin on its own as an overnight concentrate. I defiantly prefer using this one on its own overnight, as when I've mixed it, I've never noticed any difference with my normal moisturiser. I tend to alternate each evening between using this solely on its own or using just a moisturizer, and as you can see, since I'm half way through, I've been loving it. The serum itself does have a strong medicinal smell to it which, if you're not into strong scents this may not be for you but I don't mind the smell at all and I've found after about a minute or two on my skin the smell tends to linger off.  I have really felt that this serum has given my skin a beneficial boost and I will continue to love using it.

Nip + Fab - Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads Review

A Peak Into My Pinterest: What I'm Obsessing Over

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning - Gloria Steinem

Ok, so it's taken me a little while to learn the ropes of Pinterest and there's no denying the fact I still don't know exactly what I'm doing, shameful I know. Nevertheless, I've found myself constantly opening up the app and scrolling through the never ending inspiration and pinning until my heart's content. Today I thought I would share my love for this search engine and a peek into some of my favorite pins from my boards.

Future Home

I've always had a huge love for interior design, name a home or some sort of interior design based TV show and I've watched every episode. Sometimes I wish I had gone down the interior design route opposed to my current Uni course, but I guess we'll just see where life takes me. But for now, I am lusting away over the dozens of interior inspiration photos on Pinterest. I love feature walls with framed photos, opposed to wallpaper as I think they're so much more eye catching and a lot more personal. As you can see from this snippet of my board, I'm digging minimalistic colour schemes. Grey and pink are on trend at the moment and I'm loving it. I'm also loving the pop of colours added by velvet sofas as it looks so chic. Here's to hoping that one day I'll get to design my own house where I'll have a walk in wardrobe and cinema room like these.

Words To Live By

Sass, sarcasm, and inspiration. Probably, my favorite board, I've created so far. I adore cute witty quotes and I love scrolling through my board when I need a pick me up. I really want to frame some of these for a cute picture wall as I find them really uplifting.


Soap and Glory Sheet Masks Review

Soap and Glory are one of my favourite skincare and beauty brands and when I found out they had brought out a new line of face masks, I headed straight to Boots, literally. To my despair, a lot of other Soap and Glory lovers had beat me to it and the shelves were pretty empty so I only managed to try out the two sheet masks from the range, but it's safe to say they did not disappoint. 

Soap and Glory Sheet Masks Review

Right, onto the review... 

The Fab Pore Refining Sheet Mask

I'd never tried sheet masks before trying this one so at first, I didn't really know what to expect. I was pretty shocked when I ripped the packet open to discover how soaked the mask truly was. I was expecting it to only have product on one side, but this wasn't the case. I unfolded the mask, or shall I say tackled the wallpaper paste and placed it over my face as directed on the back of the packet, thank goodness for instructions.

The mask itself includes; hinoki cypress leaf essential oil, gotu kola extract, white willow bark, lavender, chamomile flower, tea tree and mint leaf extracts. Once applied, I felt it working straight away. Due to its ingredients, the mask has extremely cooling proprieties which felt so refreshing on my skin. You're instructed to leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes, however, I left it on for about 20-25 minutes, purely because I couldn't stop looking at how ridiculous I looked. How do people manage to take cute selfies whilst using sheet masks? I looked like a paper mache project gone wrong.

Once removed, the redness of my skin has reduced and my skin was majorly soft. I will admit, when it say it's cooling, I could not have left this on any longer as my face had almost started to go numb. Overall, I did enjoy pampering myself with this mask and I would purchase it again. I can't say I noticed any difference in my pores like it says on the packet, cries. But, I did have a horrible spot come up on my forehead before using the mask and afterwards the redness had reduced dramatically so it must be doing something right, yay.

The Bright and Beautiful Radiance Boosting Sheet Mask

This was definitely my favourite of the two! Ingredients included within the mask are; vitamin C, white flower brightening complex, rooibos tea extract, gotu kola extract and flatterspheres radiance boosters to help illuminate and brighten the skin. The first thing you're hit with when opening up the mask is the pleasant citrus smell of all the ingredients, honestly, it smells divine! The mask worked like an absolute treat, and I was surprised to how true it lives up to its claims on the packet. It really did soothe and brighten my skin whilst making it super soft and I will definitely be re-purchasing this one! Yay for another gem from Soap & Glory!

Living With An Invisible Illness: M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Is getting tired without doing anything considered a talent? Oh, how I wish that was a joke.

Living With An Invisible Illness: M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This blog post has been a particularly hard one for me to get stuck into and write, which is exactly why I feel the need to stick at it and type away. It's something I've been wanting to blog about for some time now after being heavily inspired by others online. It's a topic I've always hated talking about, let alone telling other people that I suffer with it. I've always worried about people judging me and not understanding so I tend to keep it to myself as best as I can, however, I've realised this is something I need to change, not only within myself but in the hope to help others as I wish there was more awareness around the topic.

Today I'm talking about an invisible, chronic illness which is; Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Yep, that is a legitimate illness and I bet you didn't try to pronounce that one in your head since it sounds familiar to supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Even for someone who has been diagnosed for a good six years now, I still had to google the diagnosis name and spelling. But, in simpler terms, it's referred to as M.E and it's also known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  So, if you're not familiar with these diagnosis names at this stage, frankly I don't blame you because when I was first in the hospital and was diagnosed, I didn't have a clue what this meant, or what the heck it stood for. Honestly, I thought my doctor was speaking some form of Spanish to me. 

So what is M.E?

This is one of the most dreaded questions I get asked too often, which honestly, my response mechanism is to start off laughing followed by the question; how long have you got? When in reality my body is internally crying. Ok, so I'm sure we've all done it, we've plugged in our battery dead phone to charge up over night before going to bed, only to wake up and realise we didn't flick the switch on, or we didn't plug it in properly and instead of seeing that green 100% battery, we're slapped in the face with a 8% charge. This is what it's like waking up with M.E, you're never fully charged. But, it doesn't matter how many times you plug it in to charge, because you have a faulty battery and your phone is broken, buddy you're screwed. 

What are the symptoms?

Discovering my favourite nail varnish: Barry M Molten Metal Holographic Lights Nail Paint

When it comes to nail varnish, I'm a bit of a plain Jane. Once I've found a colour I like, it's normally all I wear. Which nine times out of ten is some shade of red, but this Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in 'Holographic Lights' may just be my game changer. 

Now, I realise I'm a tad late on the Molten Metal collection bandwagon since they were released back in May, but I thought I would still share my love of this one particular shade as it deserves all the hype.

Barry M Molten Metal Holographic Lights Nail Paint Review

Now, look at that sparkle! 

Holographic Light's is exactly what it says it is! It's a shimmering holographic silver that dazzles every colour of the rainbow, especially in the sun! I tried to photograph the nail varnish in both natural light, inside and out and it honestly doesn't do the colour justice in the slightest!