Too Faced Natural Love Palette

More eyeshadow's Gem?

Eyeshadow is possibly my most owned makeup items, no matter how many glittery gold eyeshadows I own, I still manage to convince myself that I need that one more, oops. I thought I'd post a few pictures and swatches on the new Too Faced Natural Love Palette aka magical dust.

Out of all my palettes, I would say the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette is by far my favourite and most reached for palette everyday! So much so, I'm in desperate need of a re-stock on; creme brûlée salted caramel and milk chocolate. 

Featuring 30 eyeshadows, including mattes, shimmers and sparkle finishes, it's safe to say the Too Faced Natural Love Palette didn't disappoint with the shade variety and quality of the shadows.

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