What To Take To Uni: A Former Freshers Check List

A majority of us have been there with the coursework... Exams... Personal statements... UCAS points... First choice... Second choice... Actually being accepted. Wow, now they're all concepts I never want to have to think about going through ever again. And then the slap in the face happens of more to-do lists with actually getting prepared to move out to go to uni and making sure you've got everything you need. It's safe to say I must have typed in several variations of the phrase 'what to take to university' into google prior to coming. So since I'm sadly coming to the end of my first year, I thought I'd make my own list of the things to bring to uni for anyone stumbling across this and needed a good heads up.

First and foremost, sliders. If you don't already own a pair of these, first of, why? Secondly, get shopping. If you're living in halls, these are going to be a godsend, I don't even need to say why just trust me on this one.

A door wedge, you're most probably want to keep your door open half the time, especially in freshers week so you can be more sociable with your flatmates. Most uni halls have heavy fire proof doors, so the folder which you've purchased to fill with all the work which you probably haven't done, isn't going to keep it open. 

Face paint and fancy dress, these might sound like a useless thing to bring with you before getting to uni, but freshers week will be full of events where everyone will be dressed up. The more the better! Even your old school tie will come in handy! 

Fairy lights, need I say more.

A screwdriver, primarily, this is multifunctional as a door wedge, bingo - it's a two in one. But, you'll be surprised as to how handy a screwdriver can really be, whether it's putting batteries in your fairy lights or holding your door open.

A Snack box for your room. You're probably not going to have major amounts of cupboard space in your kitchen, so it's easier to keep your cupboard snacks in your room. Plus, this way, you won't have to walk to the kitchen when you fancy a few snacks - great for hungover mornings and when you want snacks whilst watching movies. 

TV and Now TV box, so a TV isn't the easiest thing to budget into your uni list, but if you already have one and you're contemplating taking it with you, defiantly bring it! You're going to have a lot of spare time and time you'll want to spend with your flatmates so having a TV is a great way to hang out and bond. In halls, you probably won't have that good signal, and my 'now tv box' has been a lifeline! Once, you've purchased the initial box, you have access to all the catch-up channels, plus there's a HDMI cable to connect your laptop for movies, so it's majorly worth the investment! 

Mattress Topper, this is something I didn't initially bring to uni but purchased about a month in, and boy did I wish I bought one sooner! They can be pretty expensive but you can get some reasonably priced ones on amazon which is where I purchased mine! 

USB cable... Phone charger, desk lamp, laptop charger, straighteners, hair dryer, toothbrush charger... The list goes on. You're going to end up wanting to plug in various things at some point and odd's are, you're probably only going to have about two sockets, so save yourself the anger now, rather than later. 

Clothes Hangers,  essential for hanging up your clothes, you don't want to end up going to unpack all your clothes and not being able to hang them up. We all have 'the chair' if you know, you know.

Towels, personally, I wouldn't bring any less than two towels (I have about eight), as you're probably not going to be able to do washing all the time, and nobody wants to dry themselves with a smelly towel after you're all clean.

Air Fresher, it only takes the frebreeze advert to remind yourself that nobody likes a smelly room.

Printer, having a printer in your room will make life a lot easier. You don't want to end up running late for a deadline and be needing to venture out to the library, waste ten minutes logging on and then another ten to que and get it printed. Save yourself the frustration and pick up a good value one. 

Tea towels, you'll be going through these like tissues. You're going to be needing about ten to last you one term. If you're flat mates are anything like mine, everyone will be using them, they'll get dirty, smelly, and nowhere to be found. 

Frying pan, a good frying pan to fry all your food for on the rare days you don't order deliver. 

Pizza cutter, let's face it, nobody wants to struggle to cut their pizza with a knife whilst it gets cold, safe yourself the struggles now. 

George Foreman, great for toasties, burgers, chicken, steaks... You'll be surprised how handy a George Foreman is when it comes to cooking dinner and everyone's using the ovens at the same time.

Kitchen supplies, bring more than one plate, cup and cutlery because, after two weeks in, you're probably going to end up stacking up your washing up, not matter how in denial you are that you'll never do it.

Colander, as a student, you're most probably going to be living off pasta.

Tupperware box, to store any leftover food. 


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