FCP Final Module

Whilst admittedly I haven't dedicated any time to write blog posts, I have narrowed my excuse down to one word; deadlines. 

I thought i'd write a quick post with an update of what I've been up to within my course leading up to my final deadline. Whilst this module has been based solely around fragrance, our final task has been to create a new unique fragrance product with a brand launch, including print adverts, videos and promotional campaigns.  

After narrowing down a lot of concepts and ideas with some help from industry professionals whom were brought into our seminars, my group and I came up with the brand 'Sleep and Shine'. The band name is straight to the point and describes our concept of an aromatherapy based diffuser with a purpose of helping you get to sleep and wake you up.

Now, I could sit here for several hours writing this post in depth explaining our concept and brand but for now, here's the basics behind our concept:

What? A new specialist aromatherapy brand, specialising in natural fragrance oils in order to promote therapeutic health benefits. 

How? It's personal and adaptable to the consumer. With conjunction to smart technology, it is app lead, which allows you to diffuse chosen essential oil based scents at personalised times depending on  when you plan to go to sleep and wake up. In simpler terms, its almost a fragrance alarm clock, giving you scents to help you relax and drift off to sleep as well as boosting productivity in the morning. 

Why? With the main focus being aromatherapy, it will promote therapeutic benefits, helping you to sleep better and promote health and a better lifestyle. There's currently not a product with these features and therefore it's new on the market. It's also adaptable and personal to the consumer as it will helps different consumers achieve different issues, being a natural sleeping option to medication. 


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