Angel by Mugler x La Maison du Chocolat

Angel Fragrance and Chocolate?

The Angel by Mugler fragrance collaboration with La Maison Du Chocolat came to my attention when myself and a few of my flat mates were binge watching yet even more TV. The 'Sweet Boutique Advert' came on and we were all instantly drawn to the visually impressive advert and were left craving chocolate, well done Mugler, this worked. So much so, we contemplated taking a quick stroll to our nearest shop wearing my onesie may I add, in order to get some, but to our despair, it had gone midnight and there was no hope for anywhere being open.  Right, enough of my tragic sob story and let me get writing about the collaboration...

Now, I feel the Theirry Mugler Angel fragrance barely needs an introduction. Whether you own it or not, you've bound to have heard about it somewhere, whether this is from TV adverts, in stores, or your friends mums cousin because aka everyone knows about it and you should too. Ok, so if you're already in love with this perfume, there's good news for you as it's now available in a form of chocolate, yay for my diet.

"I always wanted to create a fragrance that struck a chord with everyone, something close to tenderness and childhood memories. I wanted to have an extremely sensual contact with this fragrance so that the person loves smells good enough to eat." - Mugler

Mugler has collaborated with a legendary French House which is La Maison Du Chocolat, in order to translate their most iconic fragrance into a scrumptious chocolate, to celebrate its 25th anniversary. For this collaboration, Nicolas Cloiseau (Chef of La Maison du Chocolat) has taken subtle notes of the Angel Perfume, created by Oliver Cresp for Mugler. He has captured some of the notes in the fragrance, resulting in the blend of bergamot, red fruits, praline, vanilla and patchouli, and interpreted three accords in order to create these chocolates. In simpler terms, the chocolates are going to taste heavenly.