Fragrance Advertisements

So, University is going waaaay too quickly for my liking and our new module has begun; fragrance! Perfume, eu de toilet, room diffusers, shampoo's, bath and body products, I could go on... Fragrance is all around us, you name it, we all own it. Perfume is one of the largest selling industries and despite whatever trend, it will always have a strong place in the market, I mean who wouldn't want to smell nice? But, what makes us buy into this glorified scented water in a glass bottle in the first place? Advertisements. 

If you flick through Vogue, roughly 35% is filled with perfume adverts, selling the fragrance to us as a consumer before we have smelt it and this factor alone is a huge make it or break it for a perfume. Perfumes don't do anything, they simply sit there on you skin and make you smell pleasant, at least I hope i'm smelling nice. But what i'm trying to say here is that it's hard to show us the effect of a perfume and why we would want to purchase it opposed to another one. Most adverts show us a product in use with a successful effect, for example silky, shiny, luxurious hair like Cheryl, because she's worth it. The uselessness of scented water is a challenge for marketers. You can't show what the product does and therefore there needs to be another strategy to sell it, which is where emotions and narratives take their tole.

During one of our seminars, we looked at various adverts from a variety of brands. It was apparent to see that trends and themes were re-occuring which can be grouped into different categories; Seduction and Indulgence, Trust and Honesty, Tradition and Heritage and Humour and Kitsch. Ok, so this is not a definitive list by all means, but it goes without saying that if you really look into them, most fragrance advertisements can be categorised into one of these four themes.

ASOS Wish List

Despite the lovely cold British weather, Spring is soon to be rolling in which has only meant one thing... No, my spring clean isn't scheduled in my diary for any time soon. However endless browsing online for a new Spring wardrobe is something I have caught myself doing a little too often.

It's apparent winter isn't for me and I can't wait to banish the gloomy cold weather, thick knits and padded coats for sunshine, fresh flowers, later sunsets and cute clothes,  hooray!  I love scrolling through other bloggers wish lists as it's always inciting to view what others are coveting, so I thought I would put together a few items that have made it into my saved items on ASOS that I'm currently lusting over. 
ASOS is a brand that I adore and has everything you would ever need in your wardrobe and more! It's safe to say you cannot quickly browse the site as there is too much choice and browsing is a commitment itself. Two minutes turns into five,  five turns into twenty, and the next thing you know, you've missed your favourite live TV show and you need to put dinner on already, oops.