Victoria's Secret Retrospective

Pre warning: If you are not a fan of being bombarded with images full of sparkle and glam, then this is not the blogpost for you.

Prior to flying out to New York, I had seen snaps from a friend already out there of the Victoria's Secret Retrospective exhibition and knew I was not passing up the opportunity to miss seeing this!

Victoria's Secret have created a 'Retrospective' exhibition in their flagship store on 5th Avenue displaying the amazing lingerie worn on the oh so famous catwalk shows! If you're a fan of the brand and shows, I mean why wouldn't you be? Then trust me when I say they are even more beautiful in real life, I know, I didn't think this was possible either, but they are! 

The exhibition itself starts on the staircase which leads you up to the top floor of the store. With the use of a mirrored staircase, multi-coloured lighting and framed photographs from the catwalk shows, it's as if you've walked through a glamorous tunnel and bam when you reach the top you, you are in a glorified dream full of sparkles sparkles and more sparkles.

Displayed around the exhibition is the utterly extravagant outfits and seeing the wings and details in real life is utterly amazing. If you aren't lusting over these right now then frankly, are you ok?

It was amazing to be shown such a detailed insight of what goes into making these outfits as not only are the gorgeous costumes displayed, they have also included information alongside them as well as featuring the original sketches, before they were brought to life. Each year, the show’s lead designer develops a series of themes for review by the brand’s executive producers. Generally, eight to ten individual themes are created and six are eventually chosen for the runway.

Runway segments have featured dozens of countries, trends, eras and formats, always with an eye towards what’s in fashion, while extending the Victoria’s Secret aspiration.

The music playing in the exhibition is all the tracks that were played from the live catwalk which really helps to give you the real feel of the show and really helps with bringing the magic of the exhibition together that tiny bit more, yes I said magic.

If you're anywhere near the flagship store on 5th avenue or have a trip to New York approaching, then this exhibition is certainly worth checking out! In all honestly it's probably that's a lie it's undoubtedly my favourite exhibition I have been to and if you're any fan of the show then this is bound to live up to your expectations!



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