Summative Brief

What have I been up to within my course?

Ok, so it's evident my blog has been on the back burner since starting Uni and mentally I have noted a fair few different blog posts to explain not only why but just what university life is like etc…

But for now I'll briefly fill you in on the current project I've been working on and when I say working on I literally mean please don't mention the word sketchbook or InDesign to me for at least 24 hours.

Over the Christmas period we were set our first summative brief: Your summative brief will be a report document, which will include research into a fashion concept, developing a variety of big ideas, creating a set of mood boards, producing an image/set of images to be used on social media.

In basic terms, we were given a specific trend for AW’16, brand and product for which we had to create a sketchbook developing insights, creating mood boards, concepts, executions, reports and then finally wrapping this up in a referenced InDesign document.

I was allocated the trend 'Native Nomads' which at first I was pretty bummed about since it wasn't anything I had particularly heard of or had any interest in before doing this project. Having said this, once I started getting stuck into my sketchbook and with the help of the trusty fashion bible aka WGSN I soon changed my mind and was surprisingly delighted by being set this trend.

Victoria's Secret Retrospective

Pre warning: If you are not a fan of being bombarded with images full of sparkle and glam, then this is not the blogpost for you.

Prior to flying out to New York, I had seen snaps from a friend already out there of the Victoria's Secret Retrospective exhibition and knew I was not passing up the opportunity to miss seeing this!

Victoria's Secret have created a 'Retrospective' exhibition in their flagship store on 5th Avenue displaying the amazing lingerie worn on the oh so famous catwalk shows! If you're a fan of the brand and shows, I mean why wouldn't you be? Then trust me when I say they are even more beautiful in real life, I know, I didn't think this was possible either, but they are! 

New York, Day Five

Our final full day in New York...

We kicked off the day by going for a massive breakfast. There's no denying that this was my favourite breakfast I had in the city. There's also no denying the fact that both the sausage, bacon and egg bagel, and pancakes were both mine. Ok, so I should have probably denied that fact, but I certainly do not regret ordering or eating both. shameful, huh?