New York, Day Two

My first full day in the big city...

The day started off by going on the 'garment district tour' which was on our agenda within the University. We met with Imani Alexander, a lovely lady! For our fist activity we put ourselves in groups and were set a task...

The dress below was made by Imani for one of her collections. She set us the task to search around the whole fabric store for a replacement fabric which can be used for the same dress. The brief was a fabric which would work for both the New York City girl and a girl whom was on vacation in the Caribbean.  We were given 5 minutes and off we hunted.

Below is the fabric my group chose as our final pattern. We chose this as we thought it would fit both aspects of the brief, with white and dark navy keeping it more of monochrome for the New York City girl, however having the pop of colour being fun and bright for the beach in the Caribbean. After getting into the final round with this pattern, we had to discuss how we would style a client in different scenarios. The whole task was surprisingly a lot more fun and interesting than what I had anticipated, in fact, it was probably my favourite activity within the tour which has really opened my eyes to the different possibilities and routes I could eventually go down within a career path.

We then headed to a magazine store which has every fashion related magazine you could think of, we met with Pervis Ross, a NY fashion publicist, it was amazing to hear his story. Here is a link to his own blog where you can read through his amazing life and what he gets up to.

 We then headed to 'Custom Fabric Flowers' by M&S Schmalberg, the largest manufacturer of fabric flowers in the USA.


It was really interesting to see the process and the work that goes in to make these custom flowers!

They are the largest manufactors so they collaborate and make custom flowers for big brands, events, companies etc, Chanel, Victoria's Secret and Disney, just being three of the few. But in all honesty, these are the only ones I can remember because quite frankly, what girl does not love these brands?

Next we went to Laruicci, again, seeing the jewellerly and collaborations for which they've done with magazine editorials and celebrities was also an amazing opportunity. As nice as the jewellery was, the beaded dresses caught my eye so much more as I love embellishment and anything basically girly and pretty to look out, cliché, I know. 

Like I said, these dresses are pretty much the

After we finished the tour and were done browsing, me and a few girls headed to the museum at Fit. Again, this was another great exhibition and seeing the dresses were amazing. Ok, so i'm fully aware i'm pretty much repeating everything I keep saying but, it was all pretty amazing. Sadly, they had a no photography rule so I didn't manage to take or post any pictures...

Now, this is already a rather long blog post, bearing in mind it had only hit mid-day by this point which only meant one thing... Time to try out some good ole American food. Having said this, we were so hungry we would have settled for anything at this point, nevertheless we went to Bubba Gump in Times Square and had an amazing burger! Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of this since I was so hungry... No doubtably this will become a reoccurring theme throughout my New York blog posts.

By this point, it had already started to get dark and we made our to Central Park, hoping to go ice skating. Unbeknown to us we had internally missed the time slot by hours, however despite the freezing cold temperatures, walking through central park at night with snow on the ground was pretty magical and words just can't describe how beautiful this city is! 

Back to Times Square!

Not sure if i've mentioned the fact that this city is truly amazing by now?

It's true what they say about New York being the city that never sleeps and that you can literally feel the energy in the air when standing at these steps. Yep, thats right, I went there with my cliché cringey words.

To wrap up the day, we managed to get some pretty cheap last minute broadway tickets for Chicago! 

I love a musical and going to the west end in London and I knew seeing a show on broadway was another thing I really wanted to do whilst being out there. Despite being disappointed by not seeing Mel B and being absolutely exhausted to the point I was nearly falling asleep after the interval, the show was still fab and we had amazing seats! 

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