New York, Day Four

Day Four in New York started of with food from possibly the best bakery I've ever been to... Carlo's! 

It's no lie that i've probably watched almost every episode of Cake Boss, since it started airing on T.V, back in the day when there was only one original bakery in Hoboken. Although I didn't manage to visit the original store where it all started, trying his delicacies defiantly lived up to my expectations!

As you can imagine, it took me a good 20 minutes to decide what to order after I stood there drooling indecisively. But, I knew I could not leave without trying his famous signature cannoli's, therefore this sufficed me ordering three different things... shhhhh don't let my new years diet know

It's safe to say, they were definitely the best pastries and cakes i've ever had, my favourite was the oreo filled lobster aka heaven right there! I hope one day I can visit his original store and order a specialised cake.

Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena Van Der Woodsen xoxo 

We then headed off to check out Grand Central Station, an iconic landmark in so many films and tv shows. The station itself was suprisingly so peaceful and calming! An atmosphere you would certainly not find in the UK, let alone at Liverpool Street Station. 

Hunger struck so we went on another hike for more food and we stumbled across 'Brother Jimmy's'. The restaurant/bar was country themed and there's no denying that my inner country girl came out. We enjoyed some good southern fried chicken whilst bobbing along to some country tunes. It definatly made me want to travel American even more.

Next stop Brooklyn Bridge...

We were so shattered that there was no way we could have even attempted to walk, so we decided to try out the subway! Which was defiantly an experience itself.

We arrived at Brooklyn Bridge at the perfect time of day! Witnessing daylight, sunset and the night time lights was amazing! Walking across the bridge was absolutely breathtaking and it was definitely  my favourite thing I did in the city!

The pictures don't do it justice what so ever! It's defiantly true what they say about pictures not being able to capture the actual moment.  

Prior to going to NY, I had seen the most amazing shakes on Instagram and I knew they were another thing I wanted to try whilst being out there, so we hopped back on the subway and headed to Soho to find 'Black Tap'. Ok, so this wasn't as easy as i'm making it out to be, and we may have walked straight past it for a good 20 minutes but the shakes were soooo worth it!

I think the pictures speak for themselves, when I say this was the best milkshake i've ever had in my life. Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, there's no denying they look absolutely astounding. 


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