New York, Day Four

Day Four in New York started of with food from possibly the best bakery I've ever been to... Carlo's! 

It's no lie that i've probably watched almost every episode of Cake Boss, since it started airing on T.V, back in the day when there was only one original bakery in Hoboken. Although I didn't manage to visit the original store where it all started, trying his delicacies defiantly lived up to my expectations!

As you can imagine, it took me a good 20 minutes to decide what to order after I stood there drooling indecisively. But, I knew I could not leave without trying his famous signature cannoli's, therefore this sufficed me ordering three different things... shhhhh don't let my new years diet know

New York, Day Three

Top of the rock day!

Day three showed no signs of rain on the weather forecast so we decided to go to the top of the rock.

 Again, this was absolutely amazing! The views from the top of the Rockefeller Centre were truly breath taking and I could honestly spam about 200 odd photos from being up there. Don't worry, i'll try not to get too carried away....

New York, Day Two

My first full day in the big city...

The day started off by going on the 'garment district tour' which was on our agenda within the University. We met with Imani Alexander, a lovely lady! For our fist activity we put ourselves in groups and were set a task...

The dress below was made by Imani for one of her collections. She set us the task to search around the whole fabric store for a replacement fabric which can be used for the same dress. The brief was a fabric which would work for both the New York City girl and a girl whom was on vacation in the Caribbean.  We were given 5 minutes and off we hunted.

New York, Day One

After a long time of counting down, the day had finally came around and there's no denying the fact this was probably one of the longest days of my life. We set off to get the coach down to the airport at 4am and off we went. After a long day of travelling we touched down in New York around 6pm and we rushed to the first desitantion on our agenda; Madison Sqaure Garden.

A few girls and myself purchased basketball tickets to watch The Knicks VS New Orleans Pelicans game at Madison Square Garden prior to arriving in NY. Ok, so i'm not the most sportiest girl around and I may not know all the in's and out's of basketball, but going to a basketball game was one of the top things to do on my list, as it's inveitably an American thing to do. The arena and The Knicks appear in numerous movies, so if I wanted to go to a game, I knew it had to be at Madison Square Garden and watching The Knicks play.

New York, New York

  Ok, so i'm fully aware i've been slacking with my blog posts, but this week i've had a pretty legit reason behind my lack of posts due to being in the city that never sleeps aka New York.

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to spend the week in New York City with my university course, and its safe to say it was an amazing trip!

As i'm writing this, it's currently been a week since I was getting no sleep due to being over excited for setting off to go to New York in the early hours of the morning. I'm planning on writing up daily posts when i'm a little less jet lagged, of what I got up to in the incredible city - aka i'll be posting pictures of my food diary from the past week.