The Missguided Flagship Store

When Missguided revealed they were planning to open their first ever flagship store, it was inevitable that the store was going to be out of the ordinary and it’s safe to say it is like no other.

Like most cliché girls, I am a huge fan of Missguided, In fact, it is probably shameful as to how much the site would appear in my browser history as well as in my bank statements but shhhh. 

Despite the site being extremely hit and miss, Missguided is the brand you will always return back to, no matter how disappointed you were when your order finally arrived although it arrived too late for your night out, plus it didn’t fit right. Oh, and did I mention the fact you get catfished? AKA, Missguided are that boy you will always have a soft spot for and will always go back to, but since they now have a flagship store, you can jump these hurdles completely and enjoy living in unicorn land.

Now, although I’m a few weeks late on the bandwagon, after spending the day in London, my friend and I decided to stop into Westfield’s Stratford on the way home purely to visit the store and although I had no sky rocketing expectations, I was certainly left amazed by their visual merchandising team. The store is truly 'sass R us', meeting their consumer profile to the T and they have managed to captivate exactly what Missguided is all about based on their online presence. 

As soon as you enter the store you are greeted by a huge land rover pink of course, along with mannequins on donut styled tyres, throwing hundreds of dollar bills in the air. But, like I said, this is just the entrance to the store and the more you look around the more extreme sassy quirks there are splashed around the shop floor. Oh, and I’m not talking subtle here, I'm talking unicorn headed mannequins complimenting their unicorn dreams water which FYI, is guaranteed to make you slay all day! Not forgetting their witty quotes which are displayed around the store - 'eat pray slay' and 'dresses worth shaving your legs for' just being two out of the many, these small details and quirks really pull the store together as well as helping to make the consumer linger round the store. 

Although the store may not be everyones cup of tea, it is clear that a lot of thought has been put into the store and Missguided's visual merchandising team have really pulled off the brands DNA.


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